Westfest 2010 Results

Visitors to the Arts & Crafts area of Westfest are treated to over a 100 arts & crafts vendors. Here, you will find a unique array of items guaranteed to catch your interest.

Exhibitors come from all over the state of Texas to show their work. Every exhibitor is carefully juried each year to insure that only quality items are displayed in the exhibits.

Arts and crafts will be open this year on Friday from 6-10, and all day Saturday & Sunday.

If you are interested in being an Arts & Crafts vendor at Westfest, please read and complete the documents below. Please contact Arts & Crafts Info for more information.

NOTE: Details for Westfest 2016 Arts & Crafts will be placed here in the Spring.


Westfest Souvenirs

When you come to Westfest, don’t forget to stop by one of our Souvenir Booths. We’ve got a large inventory of official Westfest merchandise for your buying pleasure !