Food & Drink

Authentic Food

Forget your diet…feasting is part of Westfest!

Start off with Czech sausage, pork sausage served in several different ways.  At Westfest, you’ll find sausage-on-a-stick, sausage sandwiches, beer bread sandwiches, sausage dogs, even sausage boats.  Garnish with mustard or a very popular sauerkraut and your taste buds will bloom.  Also try fajitas, tacos, skunk eggs, hamburgers, steak-on-a-stick and other ethnic foods.

A Westfest visit is not complete without a few kolaches, a fruit-filled,, cheese or sausage pastry made famous by our Czech culture.  And try some of the delicious strudel available at Westfest along with other sweets!



Kolache Baking Contest

Judging is held Sunday at 1p.m. at West Community Center.

There are both Professional and Non-Professional Divisions in several categories.