Westfest 2016 T-Shirt Design Contest

Westfest 2016 T-Shirt Design Contest

CLICK HERE FOR Westfest 2016 T Shirt Contest Rules

Westfest will hold a souvenir t-shirt design contest for the upcoming 2016 festival.   The contest period is from May 30, 2016 to June 30, 2016.  All entries must be received  by June 30, 2016 and the winner will be announced on or before July 8, 2016.

All entries must be reflective of the festival, including the name “Westfest” somewhere on the design, and be mindful of the Czech heritage the festival stands for.

GUIDELINES- Entries must be letter sized if a paper submission, .PDF, or .EPS format if submitted including the base color of the shirt and must have the name “Westfest” on it somewhere.   Entrants may craft their own slogan and language and use of the Westfest, Inc . logos provided is limited to the terms outlined herein, use of individual brand artwork or other trademarked content not provided is prohibited.  The entrants name should not appear anyone on the actual design submission to insure judging remains fair and impartial.

HOW TO ENTER-During the contest period, entrants may submit up to three (3) separate and total entries. By entering, contestants warrant that each submission is their own original creation.  Any use of any photo, drawing, images or elements created by any other person is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification.  Right to use the Westfest logo is limited to this contest and may not be used for any other purposes.

Entries may be submitted via e-mail in the correct file format to aimeeshelton@westfest.com or mailed and postmarked no later than June 27, 2016 to Westfest T-Shirt Contest P.O. Box 65, West, TX 76691.  C/O Aimee Shelton


The winning design will be featured on the 2016 annual Westfest t-shirt to be sold in the souvenir booth during this year’s festival.

Prizes will be awarded to the winning entry.

Official rules can be found at http://www.westfest.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Westfest-2016-T-Shirt-Rules.pdf

For more information contact Melissa Sefcik at melsefcik@gmail.com or Aimee Shelton at aimeeshelton@westfest.com